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99K 99K

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You are a champion

Well I must start off by saying, that the little man, was realy good. I liked him. He was good. I liked the little an. And his cone, lol, he looked just like him in many ways. Together they could of defeated the dragon but they were too stupid to realize that thy could team up instead of hiding behing that silly glass shield. Too bad they dragon had to eat one though, he wasnt nice, I didnt like him, he was a bad dragon. He should be jailed for life for such a crise. killing innocent little man like that, shame on him. I the worst thing is that he pooped out of nowhere, I mean WHAT IN THE HELL IS WITH THAT??? anyways, i liked your game the only problem with it was that I WAS IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH HIM. But besides theat the film brought me to a state of deep thoguht, i tmade me realize how fortunate I am no to be a little man in a dragon land.
Anyways, you must make a part2, YOU must, where there are THREE little men, AND TWO evil dragon, and next time the little men can be lock and loaded and full geared. I await part two, where it will be 100 k because it will be that much better, right,
anyways bye for now

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Mariotrix Three Mariotrix Three

Rated 1 / 5 stars


No more Maria. Cannot bare it, please stop, i mean cmon, there are too many, and this was too short, and you copied the matrix and mario's fat, luigi smells and the princess is a slut, and my feet hurt.
Anyways, make no more movie about mario. Make them about beavers or somethings.
But not Mario.
keep up the good work

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Pong Ver.1 Pong Ver.1

Rated 4 / 5 stars

good job

i liked it. good for your first flash. I got a 92. keep it up, you 'll be even better!